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For the individual proposals we form a fixed team of artists directed by Isra Moreno - Piko626, also creator of the project, participant as muralist and curator of the collective interventions. In these, a list of external artists related to the Project is deployed to develop other concepts in the different buildings. A group with sufficient diversity of styles has been formed to cover the needs of any location, choosing its members for their ability to interact with the architecture when painting.


The curator and the benefactors of the Project choose sometimes a proposal from a selection of artists who eventually have to make a brief paid proposal clarifying the idea and colour ranges. In addition, depending on each intervention, the fees for the realisation of the works are fixed before the development of the proposals.



PIKO626, Cologne – DE

Antonio Laguna, Almagro – ES

Pollo7, Basel – CH

KERA1, Berlin – DE


Emilio Cerezo, Murcia – ES

Axel Void, Miami – US


BIMBO, Seville - ES





In both new and pre-existing projects, each creation is carried out hand in hand with the architectural project that belongs to it. Thus, proposals are agreed in workshops and other meetings with architects and designers, in order to adapt to the previous concepts of colour or form in each case.





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