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In this project we aim to look for weak points in characteristic areas of the cities -mainly facades and their adjacent spaces- that are in need of renovation because they are out of place in some way. After studying the site, the Boundwallz team, made up of leading artists with great architectural sensitivity, is inspired by the urban environment and create customised works for each case. In addition, the use of silicates in the paints guarantees a sustainable engagement and the durability of the works.



...would you recognise your street if you took away the ground floor? nobody looks up when they walk down the street, there's nothing interesting. That's how we miss half the world...





The funding model seek separate items for each microproject. These funds vary according to the work to be carried out and the parallel activities. In addition, each action set aside part of the funds for the documentation and editing of the project, so that it is possible to produce small documents that will then form part of the global project.


Two sources of financial support are available:


-The contribution of private foundations or state art sponsoring organisations, whose benefits include participation in the modification and readaptation of urban spaces, as well as fulfilling their function of promoting art.


-The contribution of owners and interested parties, whose benefit are the partial renovation and revaluation of buildings and environments at low cost, in addition to the positive impact in different areas. By increasing their collaboration, they can participate in the choice of artists, just like one who acquires a work of art for their building; and although explicit advertisements on murals are excluded from the project, other advertising models can be offered in each case. 


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