Born in 1981 in Ciudad Real, La Mancha (Spain). I developed my artistic facet since I was a child due to family influences. Urban drawings led me to have an additional affinity with architectural creations, a field I later cultivated. For a short period I studied at the Official School of Arts in Ciudad Real. However, at this time I changed direction and began the Higher Technological Studies in the same city, completing them in 2001 with honours. Then I moved to Seville to pursue architecture studies, finisfing them and working there as an architect and artist until 2011. After a 3 year stay in Berlin, I currently live in Cologne, where I continue to actively develop both disciplines.


- As an architect: Graduated in 2008 at the ETSA in Seville, since then I have worked in studios in Seville, Berlin and Cologne, where I have stood out for the design of complex facades, as well as for my high involvement in projects on heritage buildings (see Forum-Vogelsang project) or in medium-scale urban developments (see Sedelhöfe-Ulm project). I am currently working as a part-time project manager at the Caspar office in Cologne.



  - As an artist: Partly self-taught, my experience dates back to 1996, when I started my background as a graffiti artist. Currently as Piko626 I develope my creations as a free promoter or on commission based in Cologne. See featured works at and In 2000 I participate as a founding member of the collective Articulo 626, an active group of European and Latin American artists dedicated to the development of graffiti and its related arts. Together with architect Miguel Chacoff I founded KBS Works in 2010, a currently inactive company specialising in the fusion of mural painting and architecture.


- Coordination and curatorship of artists: I have carried out curatorial work for artistic commissions involving several artists in architectural concepts. Some relevant are the project "24 Patios de Polígono Aeropuerto" or the "Boundwallz project" (currently in operation). In addition, since the foundation of the group, I have coordinated the organisation of several Meetings and Exhibitions of the 626 collective, which periodically bring together many of its artists. In these events I have co-directed logistics and murals in which up to 25 artists have participated under the same concept. 


- Exhibition mounting: In addition to having managed the installation of various exhibitions of his own, until 2011 I held the position of Technical Director in the area of Architecture for Tannhauser Estudio in Seville, developing exhibitions and cultural events in museums and historic buildings in Andalusia.

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Exhibitions & Events


 2014  -  Exhibition „Laguna y Amigos“, Swinton Gallery, Madrid, Sp.

2013  -  Exhibition  Optical Junkfood in Alten Wettbüro Antonstr. 8. Dresden, De.

2013  -  Projection of works in „Sevilla Ciudad dibujada“, Casa de la Provincia, Seville, Sp.

2012  -  Exhibition with Axel Void and Pablo R. Benitez. Art und Weise, Berlin, De.         

2012  -  Live painting Exhibition in Freialternativeschule Dresden, De.

2012  -  Live painting Exhibition in Revalerstr. Berlin, De.

2012  -  Intervention in Teufelsbergstürm during the I Kunstfest Teufelsberg, with the artists Over626, Chei626, Miguel & Manuel Prados. Berlin, De.

2011  -  Project coordination and intervention in 24 Courtyards with the artists Cn6 and S.Bimbo for Polígono aeropuerto, Seville, Sp.

2011  -  Exhibition Wallpaper in Space A&D Barcelona, Sp.

2011  -  Promotional Intervention for „Conf. la Campana“, stated Century-old Establishment and Official Supplier of the Spanish royal family , Seville, Sp.

2011  -  Promotional intervention in Building Camas, Seville, Sp.

2011  -  Participation in collective mural during IV Meeting 626.

2010  -  Project management „Museos de Graffiti“ Seville, Sp.

2010  -  Participation in renovation of abandoned Fabric during the III Meeting 626. Aarau, CH.

2008  -  Development of Mainentrance for “Premio Andalucía de Arquitectura”, in Monument-complex Reales Alcázares de Seville. Col. Javier Terrados Arch. Seville, Sp.

2008  -  Intervention in aesthetic-center “Enzo”, Seville, Sp.

2008  -  Intervention in aesthetic-center “L.A.D.R. Records Studio” Seville, Sp.

2007  -  Participation in renovation of abandoned Fabric “Continental”. Hannover De.

2007  -  German Graffiti Tour: Hannover, Braunsweig, Heildesheim, Hamburgo, Munich, Berlin.

2007  -  Graffiti Exhibition Braunsweiger Kunstfest, Braunsweig, De.

2007  -  Collective exhibition „Transparent“ Cottbus, De

2007  -  Graffiti Exhibition in Kunstzentrum Tacheless. Berlin, De.

2007  -  Graffiti Exhibition in Kultzentrum Glocksee. Hannover, De.

2007  -  Collective mural in Meeting of Styles Seville, Sp.

2006  -  Coordination of II International Meeting 626, Seville, Sp.

2006  -  Graffiti Exhibition in Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville, Sp.

2006  -  European Graffiti Tour, Londres, Berlin, Munich, Roma, Florencia, Bolonia, Milan.

2006  -  Intervention occupied cultural center during opening acts in Bolognia, Italia.

2006  -  Andalucía tour “graffiti en los pueblos” with the artists Laguna, Eazy y Bimbo.

2006  -  Exhibition in space  Micro libre, Seville, Sp.

2005  -  Intervention in Restaurant “El Valle”, Seville, Sp.

2005  -  Second Graffiti Tour “626 in die Schweiz”, Aarau, Zurich, Luzern, Basel.

2005  -  Participation in Andalucía Graffiti Preis, Exhibition mode, Seville, Sp.

2005  -  Land-Art Installation in Dehesa de abajo titled “Papierschiff”, Seville, Sp.

2005  -  Participation in Graffiti Exhibition Cultural week of E.T.S.Arquitectura, Seville, Sp.

Prices & Grants


-2013  -  4th Price in Contest INN Salzach K. & Romed K. Wasserburg, München, De.  Col. Mola+Winkelmüller Arch.


-2012  -  1st Price in contest for urban planning Erfurt ICE City Ost, Erfurt, De.  Col. Mola+Winkelmüller Arch.


-2012  -  1st Price in contest for urban planning [Re]Stitch Tampa, Florida, USA. Col. Mola+Winkelmüller Arch.


-2010  -  3rd prize in III Urban art award “Todo tuyo”. Seville, Spain.


-2008  -  Selected work in award for artistic installations in the International Art Fair BIACS. Seville, Spain.


-2008  -  4TH place in the “AMD Open Architecture Challenge 2008”. Sanfe bagar, Nepal.


-2006  -  European mobility grant, Erasmus. Hannover, Germany.


-2006  -  Finalist in graffiti award “Sevilla Joven”. Seville, Spain.


-2005  -  Selected work in quick painting award “Ciudad de Toledo”. Fundación Caja Castilla la Mancha. Toledo. Spain.


-2004  -  Selected work in the national architecture award “Chill-out in ARCO ‘04”. Madrid, Spain.


-2001  -  Distiction in Techniscal High School Inst. Torreón del Alcázar, Ciudad Real, Spain.