the CREW


 Meaning:  Art. 626 , Anti Graffiti Law, Spanish Penal Code.


   Founded in 2000 by EAZY,  LAGUNA,  BLANDY and PIKO ,  Art.626 is an active group of European and Latin American artists dedicated to the development of graffiti and its related arts. The collective was originally formed in Ciudad Real, Spain, by members with similar stylistic affinities and positions on art. Although in its first years of life it was only made up of a few artists from La Mancha, nowadays it includes artists from other cities in Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, the United Kingdom and Chile. Among them are people who, besides graffiti, work in the fields of graphic design, illustration, sculpture, fashion, tattoo & bodypainting, photography,  cinemathography & video art, scenography, window dressing, interior design or architecture.





EAZY (Valencia-ES),  LAGUNA (Almagro-ES),  BLANDY (Ciudad Real-ES),  PIKO (Cologne-DE),  TXOPE (Ciudad Real-ES),  RHODE MONTERO (Ciudad Real-ES),  JAVIER VIDAL (Ciudad Real-ES), JEPI  (Ciudad Real-ES),  CARLOS TATO (Daimiel-ES),  ELI (Daimiel-ES), SAE (Manzanares -ES) R.I.P.,  FOLLEN (Manzanares-ES),  GAMBA (Manzanares-ES),  KAFRE (Barcelona-ES), EMILIO CEREZO (Barcelona-ES),  WILLY (Barcelona-ES),  OVER (Seville-ES),  BIMBO (Seville-ES),  ZIPO (Cordoba-ES),  CHEI (Cordoba-ES),  MODO (Granada-ES),  SEOK (Lisabon-PT), COMB (London-GB),  JOHE (Amsterdam-NL),  KERA.1  (Berlin-DE),  HON (Aarau-CH),  AMIK (Aarau-CH), TIIS (Aarau-CH), KAM (Aarau-CH), AVE (Aarau-CH),  DEREK (Basel-CH),  POLLO 7 (Basel-CH),  CN6 (Santiago de Chile-CL)


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