...the task is to find realities that nobody sees, and understand them

until be able to redefine them...


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Köln 7th May, Exhibition in "Kulturverein Machado".


The spanish architects Isra Moreno and Carlos Tinoco the Castilla will show some personal views of their travels around the world with a common thread: Architecture. The exhibition contains also some graffiti, photographie, but overalls many sketches made with watercolour and ink. 


It will take place in the Deutsche-Spanischer Kulturverein Antonio Machado, located in the köllner Südstadt, close to Clodwigplatz. The opening-party, on 7th May, will be accompanied by some musicians of this Club like the guitarrists Carlos & Patri, and of course there will be good food and wine from Spain.


The exhibition will be open untill 7th July and can be visited in the opening hours of the center, we invite everyone to come and have a nice time! 



Düsseldorf, 40.Grad UrbanArt Festival.


The last week more than 80 Artists were painting two old office buildings in front of the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus. Many visitors enjoyed our creations in this central place of the city and everybody have some good days accompanied with concerts and good food. Here I show my Spot in the main hall of one of the Buildings. Check out more works and artists by www.40grad-urbanart.de


Köln, Photoshooting for montana colors

Köln, Photoshooting for Montana colors.


Just testing the new colors of Montana 94 and having fun with some friends in the Alte Feuerwache Cologne. Very atractive the new gama of purples wich work perfect with the lively blues, green and yellows. Try them! More letters of Piko626 on the wall. Thanks for the fotos to Rodrigo Mirando.




 Sometimes you must go to the darkness to find the light. 


This piece is the result of a long meditation work about Lighting and Perspective. I could say that it began on 1998 with those threedimensional styles on the wall, but it's being worked harder in the last time. So... great day to paint alone in the middle of nowhere and talk to yourself!



Always a pleasure to make collaborations with the 626 family, in this case with my big friend Laguna


Swinton Gallery presents the work of one of the most renowned setreet artists from Spain. This exhibition shows some  artist's works in collaboration many other. 

Axel_Void, Bimbo, Bktx, Blando, Cere, Deih, E1000, Ed Zumba, Emilio Cerezo, Fada, Hyuro, Jaz, Johe, Kafre, Kenor, Lolo, Lust, Malakkai, Marta Jimenez, Oscar M Ramos, Pau QJ, Piko, Rhode Montero, Ryuji Sato, Sebas Velasco, Skount, Srger, Txope626, XabiXTRM.




Daimiel (Ciudad-Real (Spain (Europe (Earth, (....))))) Last big wall with the 626 family. Pure  Graffiti with good weather, good food and better Company.


In the picture, Piko626 and Rohde Montero make their comments about the piece.


Thanks for the Fotos to the friend Susana Sanchez!